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Hello everyone!

It’s fairly scary that we are already almost half-way through February. The start of the year has been really frantic but very positive and has really kicked us back into gear after the holidays.

Celtic Connections

Photo: Well, that was a quite a way to spend a Burns night. Thank you to everyone that helped to make the show such a success and thanks to everyone that came along for the party! We would love to do it again sometime.</p><br /> <p>Did anyone get any photos or videos of the night? We would love to see them!

We started things off on a high with a celebration of Robert Burns in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during Celtic Connections – The Big Burns Night. Gathering together a host of our musical pals we set out to make a really special night, and in fact it turned out to be just that! We were joined on stage by Dougie MacleanKathleen MacinnesSarah JaroszBlazin Fiddles and Iain Sandilands and we powered our way through a celebration of Burns material, Scottish song, tunes and literature. During the evening our makeshift bar (Rab’s) was tended by the one and only Duncan Chisholm, in the kitchen cooking up the haggis was celebrity folky chef Ross Ainslie (ably assisted by Hamish Napier), Kevin Macleod of singing kettle fame helped compere the night (as well as taking his turn at addressing the haggis!) and our national machar Liz Lochead provided us with a few tasters of burns as well as the immortal memory. It will be a night we won’t quickly forget. We would love to see any photos or videos people took on the night, if you have any fire them up on our Facebook page –

Jennie Macfie from STV wrote a nice piece about the night –

Thanks to everyone that helped make the night such a success – Donald, Lesley, everyone at Celtic, Lisa, Michelle, Claire, Susie, Sandy Lindsay, Jennifer Austin, Ross Ainslie, Duncan Chisholm, Hamish Napier, Angus Lyon, Anna Massie, Bruce Macgregor, Jenna Reid, Allan Henderson, Iain Macfarlane, Dougie Maclean, Kathleen Macinnes, Sarah Jarosz, Iain Sandilands, Kevin Macleod, Liz Lochead, Iain Thomson, Gary Ebdy, Drew and all the team at the concert hall, our guests that joined us at the table (you guys were great), everyone else that mucked in, provided props, food, drink and to the great audience!


After the festival madness we headed back into rehearsal to work up some more new material. We are getting filmed by Beesnees media for BBC Alba’s trad award winner’s show, so we are going to be debuting some brand new Breabach sounds on the tele! We will let you know when it’s going to be aired.


We also managed a quick jaunt over to Oslo last week and the great Riksscenen venue. So cold and snowy, but lovely and a great gig! The 5.30am leave the next morning wasn’t as lovely but this is how things go.

Thanks to Knut Utler for the great photos! Check him out – Knut Utler Foto

Folk Alliance International Conference

The Folk Alliance International

So now we are gearing up for an exciting trip over to Toronto and the NA Folk Alliance International which takes place at the Delta Chelsea Hotel. It will be our first time attending the event and we really can’t wait to get stuck in about it, there’s going to be so many new faces to meet and so much new music to hear. We heard word that there is going to be some familiar faces from Scotland there too, so I’m sure it will be a relaxed affair all round.

If you are attending the showcase you can catch us performing at the following times:

Friday 22/2/13 – 20:15 – Mountbatten B (Official Showcase)
Friday 22/2/13 – 00:40 – Roots Across the Atlantic (Loud Room), Monarch Room
Saturday 23/2/13 – 22:30 – Roots Across the Atlantic, Room 1264
Saturday 23/2/13 – 01:15 – Music Monkey Suite, Room 1074
Saturday 23/2/13 – 02:00 – British Underground, Room 1281

Thanks for reading and hope to see you out there soon!

All the best