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Breabach 2018 Breabach 2011 Breabach - Frenzy of the Meeting
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‘Album of the Year’ – BBC Scots Trad Music Awards 2019
‘Best Group Finalist’ – BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards  2017
‘Songlines Magazine Awards Europe Finalist 2017’
‘Folk Band of the Year’ – BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards  2016
‘Album of the Year’ – BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards  2016

‘Live Act of the Year’ – BBC Alba Scots Trad Music Awards  2014

“As polished as it was passionate, matching fiery intensity with exquisite finesse, this was a magnificent set.” The Scotsman 2017 ★★★★

“This award-winning band is forging ahead into fresh pastures new with their forward-thinking musical attitude, which flies the proud banner for Gaeldom.” ★★★★★ FolkWales Magazine

“…with Frenzy of the Meeting, Breabach have once again cemented their place at the forefront of Scottish traditional music with an album that is beautiful, exciting and filled with some much-needed optimism.” The National

“Breabach embarked on the journey from Astar to Frenzy of the Meeting with an open mind and a keen desire to explore, listeners who join them are sure to enjoy the results with an ever increasing sense of wonder.” Folk Radio UK

“Astar sees Breabach in an electrifying new phase – one that illustrates the band’s strength and interest in experimentation. Exhilarating, energetic and accomplished Astar is a rare, beautiful treat.” Songlines ★★★★

“Astar is Scottish for “journey” and this classy travelogue is remarkable for its variety of collaborations”  The Guardian ★★★★

“Astar, a dozen tracks that thrillingly place Scottish traditions within a global context. An album with meaning beyond its own music” The National newspaper

“Fortune favours the brave because this is Breabach’s most satisfying album yet”  fRoots.